Friday, February 14, 2014

My Denver Better Business Bureau Vent-Wellbridge/Colorado Athletic Club

In October 2013 I advised a team member in the contract servicing area that I would need to cancel my contract due to an impending move.  This team member advised that she would be happy to do this and since I had paid in a timely manner and had not had any issues and she would allow me to cancel the contract a month early, which would have been in November.  Unfortunately I did not get this employee's name and have no reference and did not get any evidence to support this.  The evidence that I do have is that all the records of  clocking into the facility will show that I did not attend Monaco Athletic Club after a certain day in September 2013.  In December I received a call from Wellbridge telling me that I owed money to this club.  I discussed this with the person and let them know that I had cancelled this membership back in October 2013.  Shannon indicated to me that she would look into it.  I did not receive a call back from anyone from the company until well into January, at that point, my contract should have ended, yet, now the company is saying that they do not automatically end contracts that I now would need to pay through March 2014.  The company manager called me and spoke to me as if I had done something wrong and that I was a "horrible person" because I had not honored my contract. He advised that he did see that I hadn't been there since October but kept stating that I had a contract.  He then stated that he would only charge me through March.  My contract originally would have terminated in December and these people even though I had cancelled in October with approval from a person that of course they couldn't find.....were going to charge me an additional three months.  This is extortion and this business needs to go under.  The manager that I spoke with goes by the name Fred.  I am unsure if this is even a real name.  This company is attempting to extort money from me that I do not owe.  I find these practices disgusting and unethical.  The fact that this company can see that I didn't attend after September 2013 and won't negotiate and even accept that I could be telling the truth is disgusting and even more disgusting is that they want to continue charging me after my contract was over.   Even in December I advised Amanda that I was no longer at the club and it was cancelled and they have advised me that I hadn't done it in writing so therefore it wasn't valid.  People need to know about this company and it's affiliates so that they can stay away from them.

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