Monday, October 30, 2017

Liberals Loathe Christianity?

Why do liberals loathe Christianity?

My answer is this: STANDARDS. The liberals hate standards.

Why do the liberals  hate standards? My answer is that they hate standards because when there are standards, there is judgment.

Liberals don’t want to be judged.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Woman Having Affair While Husband Is At Work

Woman Having Affair While Husband Is At Work

A woman is having an affair during the day while her husband is at work. 
Her 9 year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and hides in the bedroom closet to watch. 
The woman's husband also comes home. She puts her lover in the closet, not realizing that the little boy is in there already.

The little boy says, "It's dark in here."
The man says, "Yes, it is."
Boy ~ "I have a baseball."

Man ~ "That's nice."

Boy ~ "Want to buy it?"
Man ~ "No, thanks."

Boy ~ "My dad's outside."
Man ~ "OK, how much?"
Boy ~ "$250?

In the next few weeks, it happens again that the boy and the lover are in the closet together.
Boy ~ "Its dark in here."
Man ~ "Yes, it is."
Boy ~ "I have a baseball glove."

The lover remembering the last time, asks the boy, "How much?"
Boy ~ "$750?
Man ~ "Fine."

A few days later, the father says to the boy, "Grab your glove, let's go outside and have a game of catch."
The boy says, "I can't, I sold my baseball and my glove."
The father asks, "How much did you sell them for?"
Boy ~ "$1,000?

The father says, "That's terrible to overcharge your friends like that… that is way more than those two things cost."
"I'm going to take you to church and make you confess."
They go to the church and the father makes the little boy sit in the confession booth and he closes the door.
The boy says, "It's dark in here."
The priest says, "Don't start that crap again."

Are You An Intuitive Healer?

You’re an intuitive healer!
Healers are eternal optimists. We always look for something good in even the worst situations when it seems that everything's already gone wrong. While we may be perceived as calm or even shy, we have an inner flame that can kindle every heart. We have the extraordinary ability to understand problems and find the root cause of them. We have incredible potential to do good. The world needs us!

Friday, October 27, 2017


I recently decided to label myself as a conservative republican.   Right now, in this moment I am not sure how come I did that.  I like the conservative nature of things in this world, yet I understand venomously the nature of the left....and the need to speak out and strike out against the perceived wrongs.

For years I have forbidden my thinking to believe that I was one of the people that was labeled as being privileged....Because....I wasn't raised in a parental household that had two well functioning people raising me and my sister, I had a child at 15, my parents didn't have a lot of money or at least they didn't use it wisely, I wasn't educated in a private school, I was looked down upon growing up because I didn't have a stable family life and probably a whole lot more that if I tried to come up with I could.  My white childhood didn't seem to be glorifying any of the stereotypical "white privileged" agendas that are being strew around today.

What I did have were parents that were alcoholics and drug abusers that likened towards physically, verbally, emotionally, and spiritually masterbating all over each other with their negativity and disgusting display's of anger, emotional torture, physical violence, and spiritual unawareness.  When the alcohol and drugs hit a certain limit in their systems the control was all gone, the false sense of security faded away, their degrees of unkindness rose out from the pits of hell as if they had waiting all day to come together just to get their jabs in to make sure the other one knew how much the other despised, was repulsed by, and or "loved" the other.   I learned "love" to be pretty turmotulous and full of so many different emotions that just didn't quite fit into the mold in my mind.  I am positive that was not a very privileged life I was leading then.

Now what the adults in my life had did come from privilege.  All three of my parents, my mother and biological father and step-father all came from upper middle class families.  My biological father simply ended his relationship with me several times because I didn't fit into his decorative coloring book of a life that just wasn't about coloring out of the lines, and that I do see as a privileged behavior type...A man running off because it just doesn't fit into his ideology at the time.  Does this sound familiar to any of you that aren't "white"?  If so know privilege.

My mother, well her desperately seeking attention and less than overwhelming desire to be attentive to what her sensibilities and needs were caught her up in "finding a man" and being "taken care of" so, my biological father wasn't the first, & my step-father wasn't the last.  My mother's life wasn't exactly shabby and if she had decided to stick up for what her true gut feeling (spiritual belief) and addressed her true intentions for her life she wouldn't have had to be a "mother" to me and she would more than likely have had a life more suitable to what her desires were.

My step-father had many, many, qualities that were healthy and becoming of a parent and human being.  He though possessed any already programed self that was predisposed to self medicating.  When meeting my mother he took on a lot, more than most would want to, he drank and drugged to solve it.  BIG MISTAKE since that only enticed my mother to drink and drug with him to keep up with the "Joneses"

More to come!

Today's voice...Tomorrow's Change

October 27, 2017

Our mood when contemplative can push us to put aside our concerns about the world so that we can reflect on the reason how come we are here.  As a person reflects on their experiences that make up their bodily existence, they find that their thoughts are brought back many times to the immediate plast.  There's a good chance that your designer (internal you) is telling you that there is something about what you are processing right now is related to recent events you have experienced and to compare and contrast these experiences to either move through them reasonably or there's a good chance that you may have to experience it again until you listen to your designer.  

Allowing our thoughts to go where they will when contemplative we find ourselves facing insights that our soul is showing us will help us cope with the difficulties, challenges, drama that we are working through in this moment.  Time puts distance and mental and emotional processing  between us and our choices so when we reflect upon those choices we gain great insight clarifying the role those choices played in our development.  Our choices either end up with positive or negative outcome for us; when we listen what I call our "Designer" (God) we can go on to use the new perspective/outlook/insight we achieve in assisting our guiding the progress we can make in our futures.  

Once we begin listening to our "Designer" we will be prepared to manage our life by choosing directions that lead us to more positive outcomes. Our pasts have valuable information that our "Designer" wants us to use to get the best circumstances out of your choices that can possibly be had.  Your "Designer" will open doors into your future and when that happens you will want to have spent some time reflecting on your history and have as much perspective/outlook/insight that you can have to take it through to the door that is being opened for you.  Having the ammunition that you need when being challenged by life will give you a better chance at successfully living happily ever after.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Clinton Crime Wave

Haven't you all had enough of the Clinton crime spree that has plagued our country for decades?  For God's sake Bill Clinton has lied through his teeth about everything from having affairs to smoking marijuana.  Now we have his wife, who everyone that has a brain cell knows is bitter and jaded working diligently to blind the most illiterate in our country to her murders and deception.  As unfortunate as it is they will believe her because they are not only illiterate but they can't stand America and want to see America fall.  Well they will get their wish come Wednesday, November 9th because the stupidest of the stupid will be out voting and making the worst choice in American history.  

This year I paid off all my credit cards and only have debt related to my massive student loans that I used to live off of and get my bachelors/master's degree.  And I am unemployed, yup on unemployment and can't find a job that wants to pay me a reasonable amount of money.  My master's degree is worthless because it was a stepping stone to the Phd. program that I couldn't afford to pay for.  So, my 200,000.00 in debt to the "government" will never get paid.  I'd rather work and pay off my debts but it seems this country is full of free loaders so I have decided that I am going to figure out a way to become a free loader on this country too.

After tonight's determination of who will be president we will know our fate.  If Clinton is our president, you will see a lot of depression and lack of motivation....If Trump is our president, you will see the streets fill with rioting and hate filled aggression from liberals towards the conservatives because they are scared they will have to go to work and support themselves instead of living off the system.  Either way, we are going to see a lot of pain.

Shame on Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton for their crime spree.  Shame on the American people that are voting for the liberal way of life when we have so many broken Veterans and the homeless population is surpassing all time highs.  Shame on America for not standing up and fighting back towards the corruption and repulsive nature of politics along time ago.  I am included in these shaming because I am not better than you.  Yet, what I do know is that this country needs a more conservative leadership than what ObamaNATION has left us with.  More on that later, what a damn disgrace that family has left not only this country but African Americans.  No fucking way will another African American see office that's for sure.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog

Ever felt that feeling that if you blog about something or "complain" or "put it out in the universe"  that your gonna have to deal with the consequences.....or whatever ......RIGHT?  Well, I feel it all the time.  I recognize that what I put into the universe could possibly be right back around the corner to come back to me in drouths,......If only that was true...If only all that good energy that I had put out there could come back and squash the shit out of the darkness I feel on the inside towards the people who want to fuck me over financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally,  or physically.  That's not how it works people.  Sure, I know you want to hear me say, "You get what you give...."  Not how I see it.  You get what your supposed to get...and God determines that.  Whether you call God, God or whatever you use for your "descriptor"  of the All Mighty CREATOR.....

So if you believe that the universe created you...then that's who's making the decisions about what comes your way...I personally believe it is God, the father, the son, and the holy spirit.  Nope, I am not of an affiliated religion.  I suppose you could call me the BELIEVER...I believe, yup I do. I certainly damn well do.  I just have lost faith.

I'll tell you more later.  Any of you feel the same?  You believe but your faith is fucked right now?  I wouldn't be surprised to hear from a mega shit load of people because right now we are getting royally screwed by this whole PRESIDENTIAL bullshit.    I can say this because I was in the Navy and served my country.  I feel fucking screwed big time and am angry, hurt, and fucking want to stomp my feet and cry and scream and just put an end to it all, here, there and everywhere.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Wise Beyond His Years

"PROMISE ME you'll always REMEMBER You're BRAVER than you BELIEVE, and STRONGER than you SEEM and SMARTER than you THINK."  

-Christopher Robin to Pooh

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Embrace Womanhood ++++

Embracing Womanhood

When any woman honors herself, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they are truly capable of being.

There are many ways and myriad reasons for women to honor and embrace all that they are. And when any individual woman chooses to do so, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they are truly capable of being. By honoring her experience and being willing to share it with others—both male and female—she teaches as she learns. When she can trust herself and her inner voice, she teaches those around her to trust her as well. Clasping hands with family members and friends, coworkers and strangers in a shared walk through the journey of life, she allows all to see the self-respect she possesses and accepts their respect, too, that is offered through look, word, and deed.

When a woman can look back into her past, doing so without regret and instead seeing only lessons that brought her to her current strength and wisdom, she embraces the fullness of her experience. She helps those around her to build upon the past as she does. And when she chooses to create her desires, she places her power in the present and moves forward with life into the future.

Seeing her own divinity, a woman learns to recognize the divinity in all women. She then can see her body as a temple, appreciating its feminine form and function, regardless of what age or stage of life she finds herself. She can enjoy all that it brings to her experience and appreciate other women and their experiences as well. Rather than seeing other women as competition, she can look around her to see the cycle of life reflected in the beauty of her sisters, reminding her of her own radiance should she ever forget. She can then celebrate all the many aspects that make her a being worthy of praise, dancing to express the physical, speaking proudly to express her intellect, sharing her emotions, and leading the way with her spiritual guidance. Embracing her womanhood, she reveals the facets that allow her to shine with the beauty and strength of a diamond to illuminate her world. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sight Versus Vision

Seeing Inside
Sight Versus Vision

Vision comes from within
shows us
 how to navigate 
the realms of 
and emotion.

Sight is the ability to see the physical world while vision is the gift of seeing beyond it. Sight enables us to take the physical world in so we can participate in it with knowledge. It brings us pleasure through our eyes, which perceive the colors and shapes of all the myriad expressions of nature and human beings. It helps us feel in control, allowing us to see what is coming toward us, which way we are going, and exactly where we are standing at a given moment. We are able to read signs and books, navigate the interiors of buildings with ease, sense and perceive how a person is feeling by the expressions that cross her face.

As anyone who has lost their eyesight can tell you, though, there are things that are clearer when you cannot see the world through your eyes. One of the reasons many meditation instructors advise sitting with the eyes closed is because we automatically become more in touch with our inner world when we are not distracted by the outer world. It is in this state that vision becomes our mode of seeing. Vision comes from within and shows us how to navigate the realms of thought, feeling, and emotion. It enables us to see things that aren’t yet manifested in the world of form, and it also connects us to that part of ourselves that exists separately from the world of form.

As we age, even those of us with perfect eyesight will generally lose some of our acuity, but this loss is usually replaced with inner vision. This is the time of life when we are meant to turn inside and take what are sometimes the very first steps of a journey that cannot be traced on a map. We call upon intuition and feel our way along a path that ultimately carries us beyond the realm we can see with our eyes and into the land of spirit.